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Websites, Networking, Camera System’s Oh My!

Websites, Networking, Camera System’s Oh My!

It has been much too long since the last update!  MobileNerd has been busy these past few months doing everything from building computer systems for clients in St. Charles, to designing multiple websites for businesses all around St. Louis, to setting up security cameras in St. Ann to large networking and cable installations in the city.  It has been a fun and fast paced fall and things are going well around the shop.

That all said, it is important to keep everyone up to date on not just all the latest projects around here, but you need to be up to speed on technology coming down the pipelines in the coming year.  With Windows 10's release around the corner and lots of new fun devices everyone needs to be in the loop and it is our job to keep it that way.  We can't promise updates everyday, but we'll try to keep up with regular updates a little more frequently than once every 3 months!!

Here are a few pics of some of the most recent projects:

This is from an industrial security camera installation MobileNerd worked on in September. We installed 10 cameras to help monitor the entire building (they sell wholesale/bulk items for convenience stores).  We got permission to post these from the owner as well.

Security Camera Install 1 Security Camera Install 4 Security Camera Install 3 Security Camera Install 2

This picture doesn't quite capture the entirety of the job as this was taken before it was finished and cleaned up, but you get the idea.  MobileNerd was contracted to network a local office in St. Charles.  We ran ethernet wall hookups throughout the office and centralized it to this hub- all gigabit wired and wireless networking as well as a cloud backup device as a cherry on top!

Networking Install

Websites, websites, websites: pictures will be coming soon of each of the sites on our website design page, but here is a quick synopsis of these past few months' projects.

1. Dynamic Air Solutions-
It was a pleasure doing this site and it offered the chance to do a few new little features and tweaks.  They are a great company for commercial testing, adjusting and balancing (HVAC).

2. Dardenne Baptist Church-
          Working with this church was a total blast and we were able to really update the look and feel of their older site with this responsive, clean and professional look.  They broadcast a weekly radio program on BOTT radio and now post their messages on the site for anyone to listen to.

3. St. Charles Acne Boot Camp-
         Katie is an awesome person with a desire to help those suffering from acne and complexion problems.  She has a state of the art system and she now offers tons of great advice and info on her brand new website.  It has been a pleasure working with her as well!

So that about sums up the last few months, thanks for your support and thanks everyone that has helped make this year successful- have a great Holidays and we'll keep you updated on what is up and coming in the tech world!

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