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What We Do

  • Wireless Networking

    Wireless Networking

    From boosting your wireless signal strength, to hooking up multiple devices to being able to print wirelessly from your laptop, MobileNerd is here for you.  Having a secure...

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  • Printer Installation and Troubleshooting

    Printer Installation and Troubleshooting

    Has your cat found a home on your printer and now your printer on the fritz?  Don't know if you should get an Inkjet, or Laserjet, or Deskjet,...

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  • Operating System Installation

    Operating System Installation

    If you are looking to install a new operating system on your computer but have no idea where to start- start with MobileNerd.  We know the ins and...

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  • Hardware Installation & Repair

    Hardware Installation & Repair

    Want to have the latest video card, or the newest processor or 64GB of memory?  If your computer can take it, we can install it.  The inside of...

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  • Security Camera Installation

    Security Camera Installation

    Having the ability to monitor your home and business has become an essential element these days.  Let us show you how easy and cost effective it can be...

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  • Data Recovery and Security

    Data Recovery and Security

    Data Recovery can be a tricky business.  Why not let the experts at MobileNerd help you recover those old files.  Whether you have some old hard drives in...

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  • Computer Tune-Up

    Computer Tune-Up

    Your computer, like any machine, will be much happier if it gets regular maintenance.  Let us get under the hood, clean up some functionality, delete old programs and...

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  • Computer Setup

    Computer Setup

    Bought a new computer and Need a Nerd to help you get everything setup properly?  We love nothing more than setting up new technology!  You can sit back...

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  • Virus Removal

    Virus Removal

    Is your computer acting odd?  Are your friends getting strange emails from you that you didn't send?  Are you seeing lots of weird popups or is your computer...

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