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Thowback Thursday- Nerd Edition

Thowback Thursday- Nerd Edition

Rise and Shine Campers....right- it's already evening, but it is time to debut "Throwback Thursdays- Nerd Edition".  As most of you have today looked at an old picture of yourself or your family, time to look at what would have stored all those old pics (if your parents were millionaires).

Today we look back at the amazing history of Hard Drives.  We don't want to overwhelm you on the subject, so let's look at what was out in 1990 (when most of you were babies).  Both the hard disk drive (HDD) and floppy disk drive (FDD) were invented by IBM...we nerds owe them a debt of gratitude. At the beginning of the 90's, lots of inovation was being made in the world of personal computing and IBM was at the forefront.  Keep in mind this was before MS Windows was available to the masses and in order to store larger amounts of data, banks and large companies used the IBM 3300 series of hard drives to keep all that information in order

Introduced in Nov of 1989 was the IBM 3390- she was a monster drive, weighing in at around 80 pounds and capable of storing around 2 to 4 gigabytes but could go up to 22 gigabytes if you had the money.  At a cost of between 200 and 800 thousand dollars, these weren't for your average nerd.  They took up more space than 3 modern computers and something tells us they weren't silent.

Enough words, let's compare the specs:

Modern Day: 4000 Gigabytes as compared to 22!
                         0.1ms seek time as compared to 16ms
                         Transfer rates of up to 600 megabytes/second as compared to 4.2
                         Cost of 100-150 dollars as compared to 800,000.

So to a nerd this means two things. 1. We are living in exciting times and 2. Go make sure you backup your data!!

Check out the pics of the 3390 as well as where we are at today.  There is also a fascinating video of a guy tearing down an old IBM 3390 (only for the true nerds in the group).

639px-IBM3380DiskDriveModule.agr SixHardDriveFormFactors

Thanks for reminiscing with us- MobileNerdSTL

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