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We Are Desperate For Updates

We Are Desperate For Updates

Okay, so by now you've all realized that I am not the most prolific poster of new content- and yes shame on me for keeping everyone in the dark. Obviously things around the office have been great if I'm too busy to post updates...but come on, be patient, it's not like it has been over a year since my last maybe it has been.

Either way- you are getting an update now, so soak it in and I hope you enjoy it!

Fun Story From This Past Week

As most of you know, MobileNerd does all sorts of things on a weekly basis.  From website design, to hardware and software issues, to the simple "my computer won't turn on and it smells like smoke when I try" (actual phone call).  So that all said, I don't get a job too often that I've never tried before.

This past week I had a teacher at UMSL who is in charge of taking care of all their foreign exchange students contact me.  He had a student with a laptop that was doing all sorts of weird things that needed help.  The only caveat- the student's computer was in french.  I took french in high school, but since the errors didn't have anything to do with saying "My name is" or counting to 20 I was going in blind.

After spending some time poking around on the machine I finally got this error:

Mot a détecté que vous maintenez la touche CTRL . voulez-vous démarrer Windows en mode sans échec?

And that was all I needed...I made out detected and CTRL and google did the rest...the control key on the keyboard was internally stuck down.  After more testing it turns out the whole onboard keyboard was goofed, but after a few tweaks we got the computer working for the exchange student.

When Will We Get More Updates?

So that is it for now...I'll try to get more stories up as they happen.  Whether or not they are amusing to you, they really speak to my inner Nerd and are fun to share.  Expect another update December 2017....or maybe I'll be better with updates the rest of this year?

Thanks again for everyone's business, support and most importantly for letting me play with your computers for a living!!

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